About Us

It is our desire to share with you this unique business opportunity to become a leader in your area for Iva’s International Skin Care and Cosmetic Company. Why Iva’s International? Since 1985, Iva’s International, a family owned MLM company, continues to offer the opportunity for anyone to build lasting relationship with people by simply sharing our wonderful skin care and cosmetic products and sharing how to duplicate their efforts to maximize greater financial gains. Iva’s International has one of the finest and most complete line of quality skin care and cosmetic products in the marketplace, today. You will enjoy sharing these products with your friends, neighbors, and relatives. Do not hesitate. Become your own boss! Earn as much as you want! Become and Iva’s International Skin Care Specialist. With our success program leading you step by step, you will be amazed at how quickly you can achieve your goals of financial freedom and personal satisfaction in helping other people. Call today, 1 (888) 669-6118 for all the facts about this outstanding opportunity to realize your potential!

The Plan